King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry

King of the WindThe story of the King of the Winds begins in Morocco where a mute stable boy, Agba, nurses the sick and orphaned colt named Sham.  The colt grows up strong, healthy and swift and is selected as one of six horses sent as gifts to the King of France.  The horses suffer on the trip over and are scrawny when they get there and, therefore,  the king sends them back except for Sham.  Sham is given to the cook as a cart horse.  The stable boy remains with him.  His fortunes continue to decline until he and his boy are rescued and taken to England.  Agba keeps Sham’s royal pedigree with him and always dreams of the day that Sham will be recognized for his speed and greatness.  Through many adventures and difficulties they stay together and eventually Sham sires a colt faster than any in his master’s stable and is finally recognized for his pedigree and speed. 

He was christened the Godolphin Arabian and later most of the superior Thoroughbred  racers carried his  name in their pedigree, including Man of War, one of the greatest American race horses.

I loved the different settings of the story, the different culture of Agba, the courage and bravery of both the horse and the boy who cared for him and the satisfying happy ending.  I recommend it for any child who has an interest in horses or horse racing.  Grades 4-6.

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    bfmccurry said,

    This is a fantastic book. I read it over and over when I was a boy.

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