The Boy Who Ate Stars by Kochka

Boy Who Ate StarsThere have been some truly great books published in the past few years about children with special needs; this one I found to be especially good.  Originally published in French, The Boy Who Ate Stars tells the tale of Lucy, a young girl who has just moved into a new apartment with her parents.   She becomes very aggravated with all the noise from upstairs, and one day decides to go up and give her neighbors a piece of her mind.  What she discovers when the door is opened is a world unlike any she has ever known.  She meets Matthew, an autistic boy; his mother; and his caregiver.  She slowly learns about autism and grows to become friends with all three neighbors.  While short in length, the book’s prose is so lyrical that the brief descriptions convey a detailed picture for the reader.   The author’s descriptions of autism, and what it means, aptly describe what I imagine it must be like to have autism.  Lucy grows in maturity, knowledge, and understanding throughout the book as she learns more about autism and being friends with someone who has special needs.  Overall: A delightful tale to help look at something that is often seen as negative in a new light. 

Posted by: Kate


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