Fancy Nancy by Jan O’Connor

Fancy NancyNancy is all about being fancy, but, unfortunately, her family is not. Nancy despairs of ever making her family see the fun of being fancy (you can write with a purple plume instead of a pen when you are fancy, you know) until she sees a sign advertising for dance lessons and decides that she must give her family lessons on how to be fancy. So after learning that yellow is a plain word, gold a fancy one and showing them how to accessorize, Nancy’s family is ready to wow the world with their new fanciness. They head out to dinner and, just when everything seems to be perfect, Fancy Nancy takes a fall and suddenly doesn’t feel so fancy anymore. Luckily, Mom and Dad know just what to do to fix everything, and soon they are settled back at home with ice cream sundaes. Oops! I mean parfaits. And as Nancy’s parents tell her they love her, Nancy realizes that “there isn’t a fancy- or better- way of saying that.”A truly delightful book that sneaks in some great vocabulary and fun ideas.

Posted by: Kate


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