Each Little Bird That Sings by Deborah Wiles

Each Little Bird That Sings

I just finished reading (actually listening to) this book, and I loved it!  It was recommended to me since the story is set in a small town funeral home, and my own mom grew up living in a funeral home.  The story revolves around 10-year old Comfort Snowberger and her family, her extended family, and her dog Dismay, and their lives running a funeral home.  You may think this would make for a sad story, but just the opposite – through Comfort’s eyes, we see death and life as a celebration.  The story includes valuable information from Comfort, including “Top Ten Tips for First-rate Funeral Behavior”.  Although her dear Great Aunt Florentine does die in the story, there is much more that just funerals that occur, including a life-threatening flood, a pesky cousin who is to be avoided at all costs, and a friendship gone bad.  Despite the somewhat unusual setting, I think girls will still see themselves in this story.  This is a wonderful girl/family/animal/friendship story and don’t forget coming of age too!  A good read!


Posted by: Mary


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