Oh, Rats by Albert Marrin

Oh, RatsEveryone who’s ever seen or heard the Nutcracker knows about the evil Rat King.  But there could never be such a creature in real life.  Or could there?  As it turns out, a “rat king” is a naturally occurring phenomenon that sometimes happens when rats are babies.  If you’re squeamish, stop reading here and go to the next paragraph.  It seems that the young rat’s tails can get tangled in the nest.  The harder they try to pull them apart, they tighter the knots get.  Eventually, the tails get “sealed” together permanently by dirt and droppings making what was once just a crowd of baby rats into a giant multi-headed monster that cannot function without help from other family members.  Gross, but cool.

In less than 50 pages, Albert Marrin manages to cram Oh, Rats chock full of enough fascinating facts and trivia about ratty rodents to make for incredible reading.  The text tells the story of the rat from prehistory to modern times while red side bars are full of amazing “ratty” information and lore.  For instance, in the text we learn that rodents can be found from the arctic to the jungle and all points in between.  Their survival instincts are beyond compare. They live under the ice, in trees and in deserts.   They can be flushed down a toilet and live.  They have excellent hearing and can “speak” to each other with squeaks.  If one rat eats poison and gets sick, his friends won’t go near the poison let alone eat it.  Some “super rats” are poison and disease resistant.  They reproduce faster than their sickly cousins creating more generations of super rats and so on and so on…

The red side bars detail fun stuff like how even the White House has rats.  President Kennedy once clobbered one with a shoe.  Also, did you know that though they have been known to spread disease, most rats a fastidiously clean?  And, if you like to travel, be aware that in some countries you may find rat on the menu.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself, if you want to learn more, as I’m sure you will, find a comfy spot, put your feet up and read Oh, Rats.  Just make sure there’s no cheese around…or you might have company.

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