When You Were Small by Sara O’Leary

When You Were Small

This picture book is completely charming and reminds me of stories read to me when I was a child.  It starts with a little boy asking his father to tell him about when he was small.  This is a nightly conversation that Henry and his dad have and becomes a wonderful bedtime story to send Henry off to dreamtime adventures.  “In a nutshell” (probably big enough for Henry to use as a cereal bowl), Henry’s dad explains that when Henry was small, he would sleep in one of his slippers, the left one, and used a fuzzy wash cloth for a blanket.  The story goes on to explain that “when you were small, we took the toy castle out of the aquarium and you were the king of it”; “when you were small, your mother once lost you in the bottom of her purse and when she found you again, you were clinging to an earring she’d lost three years before”, and so on.  The simple old fashioned illustrations make the story even more wonderful and clever.  A book you’ll want to own!


Posted by: Mary


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