A House of Tailors

A House of Tailors

This story is one of 13 year old Dina who is sent from Germany to Brooklyn during the 1870s in order to join her uncle and his family, and work in their tailor business.  Dina doesn’t want to sew anymore but instead wants to be a maid, like Aunt Ida.  She despises Uncle, a strong personality, who insists that she uses her gift of sewing to help him in the family business.  You experience Dina’s struggles during her early years in America, until she meets Johann who helps her develop the confidence she needs to fulfill her dream.

I listened to a recorded version of this story, which allowed me to understand the characters more personally through their expressions.  If you like historical fiction, especially about early years of immigration to America, you will enjoy this quick, but well-written read.

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    Fionna said,

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    Sarah Tao said,

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