Magyk by Angie Sage

MagykThis book is set in a pseudo-medieval time but includes wizards of different abilities, magic, evil doers, plenty of humor, silliness and intrigue.  It begins with lots of action and drama.  The ruling Queen is murdered and her heir, the baby princess, disappears. A sweet and rather bumbling wizard, Silas Heap, is returning home to his family when he finds a newborn baby under a bush in the snow. Upon returning to his family he finds that his newborn son has died and been taken away by the midwife and his wife is hysterical with grief.  The wizard substitutes the foundling, a girl, and his wife and their six sons accept the baby with love and appreciation still grieving for their Septimus, who has been taken from them.  Septimus was a seventh son of a seventh son and should have grown up to be a very magical wizard. 

The story skips ahead 10 years and suddenly, Marcia, the ruling Extraordinary Wizard, sends the family fleeing off to an aunt in the Marram Marshes because an evil wizard, DomDaniel, has learned that the princess still lives and wishes to kill her.   There are all sorts of magical elements and also fun as Jenna and her brothers entertain themselves exploring the island and learning some magic from their aunt.  There is also a mysterious orphan, “Boy 412” from the army guard and an assistant to DomDaniel who drives DomDaniel crazy with his less than stellar attempts at magic.  I loved the humor and the action in this story.  It is a long book,  564 p.,  but it also comes as a book on CD.

Posted by: Fran W.


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