Criss Cross by Lynn Perkins

Criss Cross

This was a really enjoyable book that takes a look inside the lives of teens in a small town whose lives intersect in interesting and everyday ways.  They are brothers and sisters and friends and crushes and co-workers and strangers all trying to figure out their young lives.  There are no great events in this book, no orphaned children or near drownings; well there is a grandmother who is driven to the fire station for medical help by kids who have no driver’s license and who also have to jumpstart the car.  Mostly though, there are just simple everyday happenings of lost necklaces and crushes and part-time jobs and parents and learning to play the guitar and town festivals and embarrassing yourself in front of the girls you like.  It was fun to get inside the minds of kids, especially teens whom we often wonder what could they be thinking. 


(A note: this book won the 2006 Newbery Award).


Posted by: Mary

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