Owen and Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship by Isabella Hatkoff and others

Owen and MzeeThis is a true story that begins with a disaster and ends with the remarkable and unlikely friendship between a hippo and a tortoise.

Owen was just a baby hippo when he was separated from his mother after a deadly tsunami that occurred in Asia in December, 2004.  He ended up stranded in a river in a small town in Kenya where the local people worked for many days to remove him from the water.  Once he was rescued, he was transferred to an animal sanctuary where the poor little hippo was hungry, angry and lonely.  Then he met Mzee.

Mzee is an Aldabra tortoise who is about 130 years old, who is considered rather grumpy and unfriendly and who mostly keeps to himself.  When Owen arrived at the sanctuary, he scrambled right over to Mzee where he tried to hide by him, just as a baby hippo would with his own mother.  At first, Mzee was not at all happy with this attention, but over time he grew to accept Owen and to even follow him around!  Thus a friendship was formed!

This is simply a heartwarming story about the bond between a hippo and a tortoise!  There are many very wonderful pictures of Owen and Mzee throughout the book.

You can continue reading about these two friends in the sequel, “Owen and Mzee: the Language of Friendship.”

Posted by: Wendy


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