Would You Rather John Burningham

Would You RatherThis picture book first caught my eye because of the picture on the cover of a red- headed girl on a scooter with a pig, and it is just as cute and clever inside.  Throughout the book, the question is asked “would you rather . . .” do one thing over the other, and the list of options are often silly and thought provoking at the same time.  One example is:  would you rather help . . . a fairy make magic, gnomes dig for treasure, an imp be naughty, a witch make stew, or Santa Claus deliver presents?  Also, would you rather live with . . .  a gerbil in a cage, a fish in a bowl, a parrot on a perch, a rabbit in a hutch, chickens in a coop, or a dog in a kennel?  Which would YOU rather?

Posted by: Mary


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