An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming by Al Gore

An Inconvenient TruthWe all need wake-up calls at some points in our lives and this could be yours concerning global warming.  This adaptation of Al Gore’s bestselling book is aimed at a very important audience — young people.  Although the crisis, the problem, is for each and every one of us, this book is aimed at today’s youth at a reading level that makes scientific explanations very understandable.  Young people may have heard the term global warming and that it is a threat to our planet, but a dire concept like that is often difficult to understand and something so scary to our future that it is uncomfortable to think about.  Hence, the title, “inconvenient truth”.

There may be 180 pages in this book, but a good portion of those are amazing color photos and easy-to-grasp charts comparing our planet life a few years back to how things are now — or projected to be, if matters continue as is.  You will see beautiful thriving coral, but also bleached, dead reefs, victims of rising ocean temperatures and pollution.  You will see photos of former majestic glaciers side-by-side with today’s snowless places and empty lakes.  Another startling spread shows an aerial shot of two countries who share a border on the same island.  You see dull brown, clear-cut land in Haiti where there is no forest protection, bordering the still-green forested Dominican Republic which protects its forests.  Much of the global harm being done is happening at an alarming speed and this wake-up call book shows us – the United States – to be one of the big perpetrators of the problem.

This book for youth, explaining a world crisis with understandable language and startling photos, is not meant to simply leave us in fear and shock.  It’s hoping to jolt us all into life changes and a mind set of thinking globally in our actions and laws rather than thinking selfishly.  Mr. Gore’s eye-opening important book does end with suggestions for change and ways in which we individuals can help the problem.  I feel he didn’t give enough suggestions for us to act upon so I plan to look into the climate crisis website and invite you to also.  The book affected me and I’m already making some changes in my home and life.  Please read this book (it’s VERY readable and recommended for about 5th grade and up) and let the amazing photos sink in.  You won’t be the same.

Posted by: Fran D.


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