Odd Man Out by Sarah Ellis

Pay no attention to the cover in the mirror. I know the cover is yucky, but the story between the covers is wonderful! It is the story of a young boy named Kip who is off to stay with his grandmother and a whole host of girl cousins while his mom and new stepfather go on their honeymoon.  Unhappy at the thought of losing his mom, and in a place where he has never been before, Kip is a little unsettled until he finds a special notebook belonging to his dad.  Between reading it, building a yurt, and having quite a bit of fun with his cousins, Kip learns about his past, his present, and what the future might hold for him.  A heartwarming story, Ellis crafts the tale of a young boy on the cusp of a major change in his life and how he deals with it.  There are some zany characters that make this more than just a coming of age type of tale and some great scenes. (they get to write on the walls in his grandmother’s house in marker since it is to be sold and torn down at the end of the summer!)

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