The Old Willis Place by Mary Downing Hahn

Old Willis PlaceIf you enjoy reading about ghosts and spirits, you are bound to enjoy this one.

The Willis place is an old mansion, set in the woods, that has been uninhabited for many years.  It is in disrepair and downright spooky!  The owner, Lilian Willis, has been dead for quite awhile, so the mansion has a caretaker who lives in a trailer nearby.

Diana and her younger brother, Georgie, live in the woods, and over the years they have enjoyed tormenting and teasing the various caretakers of the Willis mansion; as well as any teen-agers who hang out in the woods.  Thus begins the rumor that the mansion is haunted.  They follow “special rules” that keep them from showing themselves to other people, that keep them from ever leaving the woods and that keep them from entering the mansion.

When a new caretaker and his daughter, Lissa, move in, Diana is immediately drawn to the idea of making a friend.  At first, Diana and Georgie just spy on Lissa and her father, but eventually Diana can’t help but to break the “rules” and show herself.  The two immediately become friends.   Lissa’s curiosity about the mansion leads to discovering and releasing the evil spirit within.  This also causes “the bad time” that Diana and Georgie have always kept as a secret to be revealed.

This is a great ghost story that makes me happy that I don’t live in the woods, or near an abandoned mansion!

Posted by: Wendy

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  2. 2

    Sandi said,

    This was a great book !
    Really creepy and definetly a page turner 🙂

  3. 3

    leah said,

    this book was so scary i have’nt read a book so scary in along time

  4. 4

    kim helen said,

    i have this book its aweosme!! definitely a page turner!!

  5. 5

    sierra holden said,

    THIS BOOK IS AWSOME IT IS MY FAVORITE BOOK I OWN IT.IT IS TOTTALY cool most of my friends love i mean ones whos read it

  6. 6

    Dani said,

    this book made me cry i dont know why but it did THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!

  7. 7

    nanz said,

    I am reading this book i wanted to know if it was a good book or not ?

  8. 9

    Ashley A.K.A Yoshi =]] said,

    i loved this book i thought it sucked at frist but omg let me tell you this book was just AWSOME!!!!!! I wouldd tell everyone i see to read it you will never want to put it down the woman who wrote it is just plan AWSOME =]]

  9. 10

    Brittany said,

    I never read this book.
    i dont plan on it. but it seems good<3

  10. 11

    holly said,

    my teacher is reading this aloud…how can i find out what happens when lissa’s dad meets diana and georgie?

  11. 12

    tina gallow said,

    Great book, only i woder what are the rules and who set them where did they come from and why

  12. 13

    Emily said,

    Really AWSOME book my teacher is reading it to my class and so far what i have heard its really great but i kinda feel sorry for Dianna and Georgie who are trapped on the farm but then again Lissa has to live on the farm also because of her dad 😦

  13. 14

    kristen said,

    This books awsome! i have to do a project on it for school so??? im looking for a good settingg :/

  14. 15

    Joe said,

    i hav never read this book but because of the comments on the internet i will get it at the library.

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