The Book of Time by Guillaume Prevost

The Book of TimeWould you be brave enough to travel through time, especially if you really didn’t understand the process or how to control your destinations?  Fourteen-year-old Sam Faulkner stumbles upon this ability, but ‘stumbles upon’ is truly an accurate description since he knows nothing of what’s happening, nor how to direct the trips.  All he does know is that his father has gone ‘missing’ for days many times in Sam’s life, and it was always put down to the father’s ‘depression’ since the mother’s death, but now Sam is getting the feeling the time stone in the hidden basement room is where the father is really going. 

Sam unwittingly travels back to medieval Ireland, ancient Egypt and Renaissance Bruges, with all the dangers and adventures associated.  He is not always successful when trying to return ‘home’, but when he does, he finds difficulties there too, with a cousin he likes, a school bully he doesn’t, and an aunt and her male companion who are real trouble.  This is book one of a trilogy so loose ends are not tied up by this books end.  What you do have is Sam’s father’s desperate plea through time, “HELP ME SAM”. 

The book also ends with an excerpt from the sequel, The Seven Coins, continuing to catch the interest of young readers 5th grade and up and my interest as well.      

Posted by: Fran D.


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    Jennie said,

    Do you know when the sequel The Seven Coins come out??? I want to know. Thanks alot loads! Bye bye!!!!!!!

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