The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex

The True Meaning of SmekdayWhat if your mother thought that she’d been abducted by aliens?  What if she told everyone at work about it?  Embarassing, right?  But what if she was right?  What if she HAD been abducted by aliens, and it was only a matter of time until those aliens not only abducted her again, but Took Over the World?

That’s what’s happened to Gratuity Tucci.  In 2011, a race of aliens called the Boov have taken over the world and forced all human beings to relocate to Florida (everyone wants to go to Florida, right?  Orlando has the Happy Mouse Kingdom!).

Gratuity has been self-sufficient since her mother was abducted, so instead of taking the Boov-provided transport to Florida with everyone else, she decides to drive herself (and her cat, Pig) there in her mother’s car.  Along the way she meets a renegade Boov, who calls himself J.Lo (not being aware that this is a name that might be considered well-known) and allows him to hitch a ride with her to Florida.

When they get to Florida, though, they discover that the Boov have forced humans to relocate again–to Arizona.  And, what’s worse, another alien race has discovered the earth, and the Gorg make the Boov look like friendly pussy-cats.  The Gorg plan to exterminate all humans, then eat the planet Earth and destroy it utterly.

What can Gratuity and J.Lo do to stop them?  Will Gratuity ever find her mom?  What will happen if anyone discovers that J.Lo is one of the hated Boov?  Will anyone ever pull Gratuity over for underage driving?  And what part does Pig the cat play in all of this?

The True Meaning of Smekday is hilariously funny, surprisingly philosophical, and a great buddy story.  Anyone, who likes to think and to laugh will enjoy this book, no matter what their age.  If you already have read this leave a comment below, telling us what you thought!

Posted by: Sarah

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