Marie Curie by Katherine Krull

Marie CurieMarie Curie is an incredible scientist, but she also led a fascinating life. Krull once again presents the story of a great scientist and shares more than just the dry facts.  She makes the person come alive by introducing kids to them in such a way that they can’t help but be fascinated.  Marie Curie is no different.  Krull takes a narrative approach to the biographies she writes, and this makes the person come alive for the readers.  

Curie came from a proud Polish family who encouraged education and learning in their home.  It was very rare at the time for women to be seen as even remotely as intelligent as men, but Curie’s father always encouraged his daughters to learn, going so far as to send Marie math problems when she was a governess.  While Marie’s life became consumed by science, it was also consumed by her love for Pierre Curie that helped to balance her life (at least a little).  As someone who usually doesn’t care a jot for science, I find myself enthralled with the people presented in each of Krull’s Giants of Science books.  She makes the people seem real without going over kids heads with the technical science end of things.

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