The Black Book of Secrets by F. E. Higgins

The Black Book of SecretsEveryone has a secret.  It might not be obvious from the outside, but everyone, everyone, has something they don’t want anyone else to know.

Ludlow Finch, a scrappy, city pickpocket, never thought much about secrets.  Not until the day his parents tried to sell his teeth — teeth that were still in his mouth! — and he had to run for his life.  After a terrifying chase, Ludlow ended up in the tiny mountain town of Pagus Parvus, working as an assistant to Joe Zabbidou, a pawnbroker. 

Ludlow had known pawnbrokers before, but none like Joe — Joe is a secret pawnbroker, that is, he buys secrets.  Anyone in Pagus Parvus who has a secret they just can’t live with anymore can come to Joe and pawn his secret.  Joe will pay them handsomely, and they’ll never have to think about that secret again.  What’s Ludlow’s role?  He writes the secrets down, in Joe’s big black book, a book that no one is ever allowed to read. 

But what happens when Pagus Parvus’ leading — and most loathed — citizen, Jeremiah Ratchet steals the Black Book?  And what will happen when he reads it?


Posted by: Sarah


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  1. 1

    gilbert said,

    awesome book

  2. 2

    kelly said,

    en prenent la grenouille jérémie racket c’est fait mordre et le venien de celle si est mortel mais jérémie ne le sait pas encor donc joe lui passe le livre des secrets en écahnge de la liberté de la grenouille . Le temps ke le venien agisse jérémie rentre chez lui et c’est en tombant sur le papier qu’il comprent se qu’il lui arrive mais il est trop tard, et il meur dans sa bibliothèque tennant dans ses mains la page sur les amphibiens et pour finir les villageois retrouve la paix, joe part avec Ludlow après avoir repris le livre noir des secrets. fin

  3. 3

    Kelsey said,

    This si one of the best books I ever read! I hope F.E. Higgins writes a sequal!

  4. 4

    Heather said,

    EWW I hated this book so much, i hope it dies.

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