Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel

SkybreakerHere we have the excellent sequel to the previously reviewed Airborn by Kenneth Oppel.  Skybreaker is a terrific adventure story of a legendary ghost airship, supposedly filled with treasure, that vanished forty years earlier. 

Our very likable young hero, Matt Cruse and the lovely heiress Kate de Vries are once again paired in this quest to recover the mysterious Hyperion.  Their companions on the journey include Mr. Slater, dashing and capable owner of the skybreaker ship Sagarmatha, hunting the Hyperion, and the lovely, mysterious gypsy girl, Nadira. 

Romantic entanglements abound as well as so many death-defying events, they’ll leave you breathless.  Breathless, also, because this quest takes our heroes 20,000 feet aloft, a dangerous, killing altitude in which to work.  The Sagarmatha is not the only airship seeking the Hyperion.  Pirates and villains are hot on Matt’s trail to recover the treasure ship themselves.  Add to that, some really freaky high-altitude deadly life forms doing their thing, and you have a story that will excite and thrill you right up until the end. 

It doesn’t matter that the setting is a fantastical alternative world, Mr. Oppel writes such a thrilling story and develops his characters so well, you might wish there really was such a place.  I highly recommend this book for adventure readers 5th grade and up, and please be sure to read the first of the two, Airborn, if you haven’t yet.

Posted by: Fran D.


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