The House of a Million Pets by Ann Hodgman

House of a Million PetsThis was a very fun, quirky book about a woman who LOVES animals and has had many many pets over her lifetime.  The author explains that kids were always asking her to tell them stories about her family’s pets and sometimes telling her that she should write a book about them – and so she did.  The stories are written in a very relaxed and conversational way, sort of how you might sit around and tell stories to kids.   We learn lots of things about the animals, for instance how each pet came to live with her family and about the personality of each.  This book is filled with humor and honesty about living in a house with many pets — you know them and love them with all their quirkiness (sort of like family).  What a fun read, even if you don’t own any pets!

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  1. 1

    Emily Parker said,

    The house of a million pets… boy, would my kids just love to go there! And they did, thanks to this book and their imagination. Thank you, Ann Hodgman, for being an amazing author!!

    • 2

      Casey said,

      Hey Emily,
      I really enjoyed this book too! My daughter was given this book from her Forth Grade Teacher For Christmas even though she has already read it and so have I, I still love to go back and read some stories about some of the animals!

  2. 3

    Kyra said,

    I loved this book!!!!
    At first glance, I thought ‘Shoot this is going to be a boring bio, but I ended up loving this book.’ And I’m only 12. It was an awesome read.

    • 4

      T-bo said,

      The house os a million pets is really up there in my All-time favorit books! I am ten years old. Thank you Ann Hodgeman!!!!!!!

  3. 5

    Manta said,

    Really good book!!!!

  4. 6

    Shaniah said,

    I love this book it is sooo fun and very exciting to read once I started reading the book i couldnt put it down. Reading is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 7

    Nicolette said,

    The House of a million pet was a stupendous book! After the first few chapter it was a tad bit boring but then it started picking up and it turned out to be an amazing book! I read it in less than three days! I love the way Ann wrote, in a relaxed and comforted way, almost in a conversation! Very good book

  6. 8

    Madi said,

    I dont usually like to read but this book is an amazing book! I loved it!

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