The Seems: The Glitch in Sleep by John Hulme and Michael Wexler

The Glitch in SleepIf you are looking for a great fantasy book that is packed with adventure and not too long, then this book is for you.   Hulme and Wexler develop a fascinating premise about Earth.  First off, the main character’s name is Becker Drane; what a great name!  He is a Fixer in The Seems. 

 Turns out the world as we know it does not really exist.  It was create by a place called The Seems and is kept running by all the people who work there.  Everything from weather to sleep to meeting someone on the street is orchestrated by them.  Don’t worry though, it doesn’t make humans seem like puppets or Earth like a place where a bunch of robots live.  There is “A Plan”, but no one is privy to it (not even the higher-ups in The Seems). 

Unfortunately, things do not always go as they are supposed to and, on the night Becker gets his first job as a Fixer, there is a Glitch in sleep causing everyone in the world to be awake and unable to fall asleep.  Can Becker fix it or will the world as we know it come to an end?  Well, if I told you that wouldn’t be a good incentive to go read the book now would it? 

This is a great start to what looks like a great new series in kids lit.  I also highly recommend it for a book discussion.  It is very meaty and would make for some great talks.

Posted by: Kate


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