Brendan Buckley’s Universe by Sundee T. Frazier

Brendan Buckley's UniverseBrendan has not gotten over losing his grandfather.  Before he died they were great friends and went fishing together all the time.  Imagine how astounded he is when he finds out he has another grandfather who doesn’t live far from him and who is a scientist and head of the local rock club.  Brendan is also a scientist and has a great interest in rocks.  However, Brendan’s mother never talks about her father and doesn’t want Brendan to know him.

Brendan goes to Tae Kwon Do lessons with his best friend, Khalfani,  and they conduct scientific experiments together, like competing to see who has the biggest bladder!  Khalfani helps him meet with his grandfather and covers up for him.  After getting to know his grandfather, Brendan begins to suspect that his grandfather may be prejudiced (Brendan’s mother and grandfather are  white and Brendon’s father is African-American).  Brendan decides to discover if this is true.   

This is not the only prejudice that Brendan encounters in the book and it is interesting how Brendan’s family prepare him for dealing with prejudice.  They surround him with love and instill in him pride and self-confidence so that he can deal with the prejudice that he will inevitably face.

This is a fun read with humor and adventure in spite of the serious subject and Brendan has an interesting and scientific way of approaching problems.  This is a good story for 4th, 5th and 6th< grade readers especially if they like science.

Posted by: Fran W.


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    Thanks for reviewing my book and helping others out there to discover Brendan’s story, as well!

    Sundee T. Frazier

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    prkcs said,

    Thanks for reading our blog and commenting, Ms. Frazier! Helping kids to discover books is what we’re about. 🙂

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