The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend

The Perfect NestJack the cat’s plan to have a perfect omelet starts with the building of the perfect nest.  He plans to use the nest to lure a chicken to lay an egg.  His plan produces even more than he hoped for when not only a chicken lays an egg but a duck and a goose lay one as well.  Jack can’t wait to eat 3 tasty omelets – one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner.  The large double spread illustration shows just how eager Jack is.  But now Jack has a new problem – a mother chicken, a mother duck, and a mother goose that don’t want to leave their eggs.  After Jack cleverly resolves this problem, he is in for another surprise.  With spring and the hatching of eggs just around the corner, this book is the perfect read aloud. 

Posted by: Liz


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