The Orange Shoes by Trinka Hakes Noble

The Orange ShoesAdella (or Delly, for short) is a poor girl in a loving family, who has wonderful artistic talent.  She goes to a one room school house in the country.  She doesn’t wear shoes to school because she likes how the dirt road feels under her feet, and she also doesn’t have an eraser on her pencil so that makes her drawings true pieces of art. 

When the school plans a Shoebox Social to raise money to purchase art supplies for the students, Adella sees a pair of orange shoes at the store in town.  Her father, however, needs new tires on his truck.  But, to Adella’s surprise, he buys the shoes for her!  Her classmates, especially Prudy Winfield, don’t like that she has new shoes, so they step all over them.  Adella paints a design all over her ruined shoes and shoebox from paints her mother made for her from vegetables and flowers. 

At the Shoebox Social, Adella’s shoes are a hit and her father is the highest bidder for them at $3.00!  This is one of those nice, old-fashioned kinds of stories that tell of a simpler time, but has themes that resonate in today’s world.

Posted by: Lori


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