The Puzzling World of Winston Breen by Eric Berlin

The Puzzling World of Winston BreenThough I don’t particularly care for the cover, this was a great book.  Fans of Blue Balliett’s work will be equally pleased with Berlin’s.  Winston Breen is a puzzle enthusiast.  He looks for puzzles everything and loves nothing more than solving a good riddle. 

For his sister’s birthday, he buys her a pretty box not realizing that it will lead him on the greatest puzzle quest he has ever had.  When Katie opens the box and discovers a fake bottom with pieces to a puzzle inside, Winston knows they are onto something big.  Along with Katie and Winston, soon the town librarian, two treasure seekers, an ex-cop, and a reporter are on the case- so to speak -of a treasure. 

Winston is really only in it for the puzzles and, almost too late, discovers that others have much more nefarious reasons for wanting to find it. This book is chock full of great mind teasers that will have you twisting your brain in new and fun ways.  I hope we see more books from Berlin.

Posted by: Kate


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