Wart by Anna Myers

WartHow would you like the name of Wart for a nickname?  Well, that is just one of Stewart Wright’s problems as he begins eighth grade.  His bigger problem is his attempt to change his popularity status.  His even bigger problem is Wanda Gibbs, the new art teacher, who also just happens to be a witch.  At least, that is what her own son has told Wart.  His biggest problem is that Ms. Gibbs has started dating his father.

Stewart enlists the help of his friends, Ham and Rachel, to help find ways to prove that Ms. Gibbs is really a witch.  How can they possibly prove this?  Garlic and onions don’t help.  Sneaking into her bedroom while she is asleep doesn’t help.  Trying to convince Stewart’s dad doesn’t help.  What’s a boy to do?

Just when everything seems to be going wrong for Stewart, he finds himself gaining popularity and he begins to hang out with the “cool” kids.  He also suddenly becomes a star player on the school’s basketball team.  Has Ms. Gibbs put a spell on Wart, has he simply discovered newfound confidence, or is there something “special” with the spray cologne that Ms. Gibbs has given him and encouraged him to wear?

Posted by: Wendy


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