Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen

Lawn BoyThis is a quick read and a funny story by a well-known, well-liked author, about a 12-year-old boy’s summer job ballooning into something way bigger than anyone could imagine.  Our protagonist starts out wondering where he could get enough money for a new bike inner tube.  In an unrelated happening, his grandmother gives him an old riding lawn mower for his birthday present.  As our boy begins to cut the little dead lawn his family has, more to test out his machine, than to earn money his family doesn’t have, another neighbor offers him a lawn job, and then another and another, and business takes off like a meteor.  Enter, now, neighbor Arnold who is a day-trader and wants to pay for his lawn cutting by purchasing some stock shares with the proceeds (if there are any) going to the boy.  Too many lawn requests necessitate helpers being called in, and now our lawn boy has employees to take care of, too.  Everything really gets out-of-hand with jobs, employees, stocks, investments, strong-arm thugs, and too much (?) money.

As we mow through this funny story, we learn little lessons about capitalism along the way, and our young lawn boy who starts out without a penny will surprise you very much.  Even if other 12-year-old kids can’t quite relate to all that happens to our boy here, they will wish they could.  I recommend this humorous story for 4th graders and older – even adults!

Posted by: Fran D.

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    anna said,

    this is really good. 🙂

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