The Middle of Somewhere by J. B. Cheaney

The Middle of SomewhereThis wonderful story was one surprise after another.  It starts out with Ronnie, her brother “Gee” (who happens to have ADHD), and their mom in the emergency room after a squirrel has gotten into their home and caused havoc, resulting in a serious knee injury for their mom.  It is the beginning of the kids’ summer vacation, and since their mom is out of commission, they need some adult supervision.  Just by coincidence, their grandfather (who is a wind prospector by trade) arrives just then from his travels, and their mom comes up with the idea for the kids to go along with him on a “business trip” through Kansas.  The grandfather takes Ronnie and Gee along reluctantly, especially given the fact that Gee is such a handful.  Gee’s ADHD and general exuberance get them into some UNIQUE situations, and in the end helps Ronnie find the adventure and maybe the direction she has been looking for.  I really enjoyed reading this book, and I will most definitely recommend it to kids.

Posted by: Mary

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