Fairy Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley

Fairy Tale DetectivesDo Fairy Tales need detectives? Daphne and Sabrina, the Grimm Sisters, thought so when they were plunked down in the middle of real fairy tale characters, called the Everafters, who were living in disguise in Ferryport Landing, New York. When their granny, who they really didn’t think was their granny, was kidnapped by a giant as he crushed houses with his big feet, they had to do something.

You’ll have fun with this fairy tale mix-up with the three little pigs as policemen, Jack, of beanstalk fame, in jail and Snow Whites’ mirror carefully queried for help.  When you have this adventure all figured out you may want to follow the Grimm Sisters as they continue their detective escapades. There are 5 more books waiting for you and the series may keep growing ever after.

Posted by: Iris

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