Greetings from Nowhere by Barbara O’Connor

Greetings from NowhereThe cover of this book made me think of another time, and so I was drawn to it.  It is actually set in fairly current times in North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains and is about several kids and adults, each with their own personal struggles.  Just by happenstance, they all end up staying at the Sleepy Time Motel, which is an old fashioned roadside motel run by Aggie, who is on her own with her cat Ugly since her husband Harold died.  The kids in the story are going through some things of their own, for example Kirby who is on his way to reform school or Willow who is lonely after her mother has left her and her father.  This motel is where these strangers build important friendships and learn about themselves and even find new hope when things look pretty bleak.  This was a wonderful story of hope and redemption and how strangers can play an important role in your life.  It was a well-written story, and if kids can read far enough into it (not really that far) to see that it is about kids and not just about an old lady, I think they will love it.

Posted by: Mary


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