Pale Male by Janet Schulman

Citizen Hawk of New YorkI have long been interested in a certain New York City celebrity resident.  He first tried living in Central Park, but got chased away; but his second try for a place to live turned golden.  Imagine living at a fancy Fifth Avenue exclusive and expensive apartment building, high up, overlooking Central Park!  That‘s just what my celebrity did.  Across the street, in the park, crowds of people would gawk each day, some using telescopes and binoculars to see this celebrity and invade his privacy.  At one point, the snooty apartment building evicted this resident and his family because the way they lived was a bit dirty and annoying to some of the other residents.  But, when you have true-blue followers of your every move, and you are true celebrity, then newspaper and television media get involved and so do hordes of protestors, all on  your behalf.  The apartment building relented and allowed the celebrity back to live.  Although he no longer lives on Fifth Avenue now, tour bus operators still point out the building made famous by Pale Male, the first citizen hawk of New York City.

The newest children’s book about Pale Male (recommended for third grade and older) is written by Janet Schulman.  I love the beautiful watercolor ink and colored pencil sketches of the historic red-tale hawk who dared to take up residence, mate, and raise baby hawks high on the side of 927 Fifth Avenue.  It is a charming story of a bird with moxie, guts, persistence, and a real fan club following his nest buildings, chick hatchings, flying lessons, how-to-catch food lessons, and so on.  You don’t need to be a hard core birder to appreciate this sweet, true story of the famous red-tale hawk that won the hearts of most New Yorkers and many, many others around the world.

Posted by: Fran D.


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