Iron Thunder: the Battle Between the Monitor & the Merrimac by Avi

Iron ThunderThis is a new historical fiction series from this author called “I Witness”.  Avi explains that although these stories are fictional, he tried to stay as close to what really happened as possible.  The author has used real newspaper accounts, letters, telegraph messages, and whatever eyewitness accounts he could find.  This really makes the story more interesting knowing how many of the details are true.  I really felt like I was on board the Monitor along with the main character, Tom Carroll.  Tom is a 13-year-old boy growing up during the Civil War, and his father has just been killed fighting for the Union.  Since it is just Tom, his mother, and his sickly sister, Tom must get a job to help support his family.  He finds himself working for the inventor of the first ironclad ship, the Monitor, whose main purpose is to fight and win the war for the North.  This mission and the workings of this ship are TOP SECRET, and Tom almost becomes prey to some “Rebs” – spies for the South, so he must escape by going on board the Monitor.  Next thing you know he is in the middle of the big fight!  This story was intriguing and exciting and would be great for boys!

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  1. 1

    bryan lewis said,

    who saves toms life, the night before the monitor leaves

  2. 2

    molly winslow said,

    this book is really good. im tryin to figure the whole battle out!

  3. 3

    sophia said,

    how would you describe the setting?

  4. 5

    Jacqueline said,

    should i read this book? its one of my summer reading choices. 🙂

  5. 8

    Alex said,

    its a good book, short but really interesting

  6. 9

    Mary-Margaret Curley said,

    I am reading the book for a program at school called Battle of the Books (BOB) and the book is so good i will comeback and talk about it when i am done

  7. 10

    Mattia said,

    This book is really good!!!! I am reading it for BOTB and Parker Middle School is going to beast!!

    • 11

      lewis clark said,

      this book is so interesting Im going 2 read it again after neal middle school wins the battle of the books competition (BOB)!!!!!!! NEAL MIDDLE RULES!!!!

  8. 12

    Tom said,

    This book is epic its a really good book you all should read it. Its also easy to understand and whoever said something about Battle of the Books i was in battle of the books in 5th grade

  9. 13

    Bob said,

    It makes me happy

  10. 14

    Gino Graceia said,

    what are the major conflicts in this book?

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