Keep Your Eye On the Kid by Catherine Brighton

Keep Your Eye On the KidA lot of people think biographies are big and boring.  They need to see Keep Your Eye on the Kid, the picture biography of vaudevillian and early film comedy star, Buster Keaton.  Author Catherine Brighton’s text and illustrations are seamlessly matched up to tell quite an amusing and thorough story—especially taking into consideration that the book is only 30 pages long.  Looking almost like a graphic novel, with extra illustrations running in bands across the top and down the sides of the pages, the book moves along with the speed of one of the silent movies Keaton was so popular in.

A comic genius of world renown, Keaton’s tale begins with his birth just behind the curtains of a vaudeville stage.  As a toddler he joined the “family business” and was included in his parent’s act.  His father would heave him through the air across the stage shouting “keep your eye on the kid!”  Buster, a natural physical jokester, would tumble safely into his landing, amazing and amusing the applauding crowds.

After spending exactly one day in school, Buster decided to make the world his university.  It was while wandering the streets one day between shows that he discovered moving pictures.  His life was never the same.  Because I’ve never liked spoilers, I’m not going to give away the rest of plot.

Take 20-30 minutes out of your hectic life—it’s summertime after all—and “keep your eye on the kid.”  He’s going far and you’ll be happy to have shared the trip with him.

Posted by: Eileen


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