Skullduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy

Skullduggery PleasantSkulduggery is a person — or rather a skeleton that was a person — who also happens to be a detective that can use magic.  Confused yet? Enter Stephanie Edgley, a girl who wants to avenge her uncle’s death and go on exciting adventures.  Her uncle, a very rich, very eccentric man, was friends with Skullduggery, but none of Stephanie’s family had ever met him before. 

Stephanie is immediately intrigued and knows that Skullduggery will be able to give her the action and adventure she craves from her fairly boring life.  Skullduggery, for reasons he does not want to give Stephanie, does not want her tagging alone or getting involved in his work.  But soon the unlikely pair is racing across Ireland fighting evil and looking for a scepter that may only be a myth.  This is a true good vs evil type of book with a large dollop of wit and humor that of course has bad guys, near misses, and lots of action. Both characters are engaging and well depicted by the author which makes the book even more enjoyable.  If you like mysteries with a dash of adventure and fantasy, then this is the book for you. 

The best part… you don’t even have to wait for the sequel to come out because it was just published! (P.S.  It is called Playing with Fire).

Posted by: Kate


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