The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan

The Burning BridgeThis is the second book in the Ranger’s Apprentice series.  The Kingdom of Araluen has prospered but now there are preparations for war.  Will an apprentice ranger  is sent on a diplomatic mission with the young  ranger Gilan and Horace who is a Battleschool apprentice.  On their way, however, they are attacked by bandits and pick up a survivor from a Wargal attack.  Wargals are big hairy creatures with animal faces and they obey the orders of their evil master Morgarath.  Morgarath’s troops have pushed King Swyddned to the south  so Gilan rides ahead to warn King Duncan.  Will, Horace and the survivor, Evanlyn are going to follow but they encounter more Wargals and decide to follow them. 

Eventually, Evanlyn and Will become partners in a desperate attempt to cut off the access of Morgarath’s troops through the mountains and Horace faces Morgarath himself in a fight to the finish. 

This book is recommended for boys and girls grades 5 and up who enjoy adventure fantasy.

Posted by: Fran W.


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