Don’t Talk to Me About the War by David Adler

Don't Talk to Me About the WarIn 1940, 13-year-old Tommy Duncan is mostly interested in listening to the Brooklyn Dodgers on the radio, playing baseball with his buddies, and spending time with Beth, the girl he has a crush on.  Beth is mostly interested in reading the daily papers for news about the war in Europe.  Their friend Sarah, who has emigrated from Germany, is mostly interested in hearing from her aunt who is in Europe hoping to find her husband who has been taken away from his family.

Tommy meets Beth every morning before school at the local coffee shop so that Beth can peruse the newspapers.  Beth worries about the war and Tommy worries about his mother who has been experiencing blurred vision, shaking hands and weak legs.  He has increasing responsibilities at home; helping with the shopping and cooking.  There has even been talk of his family moving.  He doesn’t want to have to change schools and move away from his friends.

Tommy’s father is opposed to the United States entering the war and Tommy agrees with him.  But then his friend’s brother joins the Navy and Tommy hears an inspirational speech given by England’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  As Tommy gradually begins to take a bigger interest in the war news, it looks certain that the war will touch everyone’s lives.

Posted by: Wendy


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