Elephant Run by Roland Smith

Elephant RunThe 1941 bombings in London demolished 14-year-old Nick Freestone’s apartment and  the dangerous situation caused his mother to send Nick to live instead with his father on the family’s teak plantation in Burma.  Heavy labor on such plantations is done by wild timber elephants and their mahouts (trainer/handlers).  Nick comes eager to learn all this from his father and from the Burmese workers in the elephant village, but the war reaches there, too, when the Japanese invade.   Nick’s father is taken prisoner and Nick is stranded, forced to work the plantation as a servant-prisoner to the Japanese.  Nick and his friend Mya plan a daring escape that involves rescuing their families as well as themselves.  The insect-infested wild jungles, the enemy soldiers tracking them, and the hopelessness of the situation successfully calls forth courage, resilience, and love of family present in these two young people.

This is a great adventure story for  5th grade and older readers who may love historical fiction, elephants, or World War II.

Posted by: Fran D.


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    this the most great good book in the worls. i know i did not use correct language but that is just how good it is. i think roland smith did a great job in publishing and writing this book. he is so wonderful. Woo thank you jesus for a great un-integrated or discrimminating writer like him. thank you lord. Praise the Lord. I sha baa baa ba oh lord thank ya thank ya.

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