Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larsen

Hattie Big SkyHow could a 16 year-old girl hope to make her way as a homesteader in the Montana wilderness, and on her own no less?  Hattie Inez Brooks was going to give it her best shot!   When her little known uncle dies and wills his Montana claim to her, all she needs to do is to “prove up” on the claim.  Hattie is tired of moving from relative to relative since her parents died, and now she wants a place to call her own, a real home. 

What an amazing story (loosely based on the author’s step great-grandmother’s experience) of a young courageous girl who leaves Iowa for a new life as a homesteader in Montana in the early 1900’s, during the time of World War I.  Hattie must endure many hardships because of weather and finances and personal loss, but through it all is supported by her new neighbors and friends.  She may not reach all of her goals, but she does eventually find a place to call home.  This is a beautiful and inspiring story and a different kind of look at a young pioneer’s story.

Posted by: Mary


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