My Chocolate Year by Charlotte Herman

My Chocolate YearI love chocolate and couldn’t wait to read this book.  I was shocked to discover it was not something light and fluffy, but rather a historical fiction novel about a Jewish American family right after WWII.  The cover and inside jacket description do not hint in any way at the serious tone of this book.  The book takes place in 1945 and is about a young girl named Dorrie who was to come up with a sweet treat to bring to the end of the school year.  The winner from her class will be photographed and put in the local paper.  However, you soon learn that there is a lot more going on.  Her family is waiting for news of relatives from Europe and fearful that they have died.  Then, they discover a cousin who has survived, and he comes to live with them.  Needless to say, this is not a light and fluffy book.  I think the publisher was being deliberately misleading which is unfortunate because it was a wonderful story.  One example that really bothered me on the jacket was that they described the cousin who has just survived the Holocaust as “an immigrant from Europe”.  I think that kids will pick this up not realizing what is inside and be a little turned off.  On the other hand, if they had marketed it properly, they would have had a huge success, I feel, as good books about the Holocaust are always needed.

Posted by: Kate


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