The Mysterious Case of the Allbright Academy by Diane Stanley

The Mysterious Case of Allbright AcademyThe Allbright Academy is an elite private boarding school turning out perfect young adults — beautiful, smart, capable leaders of community and even the world.  It’s such an honor to be invited to attend this school.  Franny was actually not invited to attend, but her younger sister Zoe was and would only attend if Zoe’s twin J.D. and Zoe’s older sister Franny could go too.  The school is for overachievers and Franny had always considered herself perfectly ordinary, and happily so.  However, once ensconced in this fabulous opportunity of a school, eighth-grader Franny actually sees so many improvements, so many changes for the better in herself, her sister, her friend Cal and others.  Family and friends who don’t attend Allbright, aren’t sure the personality changes they see really are for ‘the better’.  Instead, they see fake, robot-type people in place of their loved ones.  What’s happening? 

Cal, Brooklyn and Prescott are some of Franny’s new friends at school and when they begin to have hunches of something amiss, they band together to investigate.  The kids hide out in teacher’s offices, search files, switch out foods in the kitchen, visit the home of a once great scientist who now has Alzheimer’s, and make a stunning surprise presentation at a board meeting. They make a great investigative team and Diane Stanley makes a great story.  I recommend this book for boys and girls in grades 5 and up. 

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  1. 1

    *MaiganJo* said,

    I totally lved Bella at Midnight and hope that this book:The Mysterious Case of Allbright Academy will be just as good! 🙂

  2. 2

    abby caroline said,

    i havent read it yet but i read the back and it sounds very good

  3. 3

    Emysweet101 said,

    Amzing book just finished it.

  4. 4

    zishan said,

    i absolutly love this book!!!!!!! it was a pretty long book, but it still was great! i reccomand this book to anyone who likes mysteries and love a great book!

  5. 5

    joyce said,

    this was a great book!i can`t wait till the next one come!

  6. 6

    michael said,

    that book is awesome i recommend to everyone who likes Nancy Drew

  7. 7

    Andrea said,


  8. 8

    miaya said,

    I love this book actually i have the book now,I got it out of library at my school

  9. 9

    cutie=me said,

    i am reading it now for a book report on page 127 and there is 256 pages ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. 11

    Susan said,

    This book stinks

  11. 12

    Susan said,

    I got a f on my report because of it

  12. 13

    Justin said,

    What’s the setting of this book

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