The Vonnesta Project by David Wartik

The Vonnesta ProjectWhen I started reading this book, I thought that Vonnesta was the name of some exotic place in another part of the world. So I was quite surprised to discover that Vonnesta is a fictional town north of Chicago. Note that the author teaches 4th grade in Winnetka, a suburb north of Chicago.  Vonnesta – Winnetka, hmmm.

Jeremy is a 5th grader who lives with his mom and sister and grandparents in Vonnesta, IL. His best friend is Andy. Every year the big 5th grade project is to research something about Vonnesta’s past. Jeremy and Andy decide to research the history of their houses. Of course, I like the fact that the local library comes into play for most of the researching.

Something mysterious begins happening in Jeremy’s house when he discovers an open, hidden door in his bedroom. It certainly had never been there before and it reveals a winding staircase that leads down into complete darkness. He also begins receiving notes from the person who built the house 125 years ago. Jeremy shares his findings with Andy and the two friends try to decipher the mystery within Jeremy’s house. The plot thickens when Jeremy is shown something magical that he cannot share with Andy.

Surprises await the reader. . . so does the sequel – The Vonnesta Project 2: Camp Fingerlake.

Posted by: Wendy


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