Quiet! There’s a Canary in the Library by Don Freeman

Quiet There's a Canary in the LibraryImagine a special day when only animals and birds are allowed to come into the library!  Which animals would come?  Would they all get along?  Would they follow the rules?  The story begins with Little Cary thinking about what she would do if she were the librarian, and her answer is to hang a banner outside telling animals and birds that they are welcome at the library.  The first to arrive is the canary and then the lion who is reminded that there is no roaring indoors.  The giraffe is directed to the tall tales up on the top shelf, and the monkeys are asked to promise to behave.  Everyone is getting along famously until the mice run in and begin racing up the elephant’s truck, which frightens the canary, and the porcupine comes too close and pokes the lion, and the whole place erupts.  Cary declares that she has never heard such a rumpus!  Thank goodness for the canary who sings a song that tells all the animals in a very polite way that it is time to go. 

This is a charming picture book that will capture kids’ attention with its old-fashioned illustrations and little Cary’s wonderful, imaginative musings about how the animals would act.  Children young and old will enjoy this one.

Posted by: Mary


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