The Mystery of the Fool and the Vanisher by Ruth and David Ellwand

The Mystery of the Fool and the VanisherHalloween may be over, but Fall is still a time for mists, quiet whisperings, and mysteries, and books full of all of those things.  Spooky?  You bet; even if it’s after Thanksgiving. 

David Ellwand has found a mysterious trunk in an old abandoned house in the South Downs of England.  Inside–a pair of spectacles with stones instead of glass, a journal, an oddly disconcertin mask, and a wax cylinder recording from 1889.  On the recording Isaac Wilde, a photographer, tells the story of an archaeological dig into a hill said to be inhabited by Pixies.  The head archaeologist is arrogant, and the Pixies–if they exist–may not be friendly. 

Imagine a version of the Spiderwick books illustrated with photographs of real objects and scenes–fantasy made reality and a haunting atmosphere captured for all readers to see.  This book is spookier than most I’ve encountered this year, but not overtly scary, and the pictures are beautiful and perfectly evocative of the story.  Highly recommended for anyone who likes fantasy, found objects, and unexplained spookiness.

Posted by: Sarah


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