Big Kicks by Bob Kolar

Big KicksSometimes the best stories are the ones that you can imagine being written by a child.  That is why I like Big Kicks by Bob Kolar.  The characters are like the kids you might have encountered in school (little Twirly Squirrel or fraidy Chicken Rabbit) and even Biggie himself, who seems like he would be great at sports since he is so BIG, but that really is not the case.  The kids invite Biggie to fill in at their soccer game, and Biggie goes along even though he would much rather be playing jazz, eating peanut-butter-and-banana-sandwiches, or collecting stamps.  In the end, the kids realize that they have misjudged Biggie as a soccer player (he really stinks), but that he has many other talens that make for a great friend.  There are lots of good lessons to be learned from this book, but mostly it is just a fun read with really fun pictures.

Posted by: Mary


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