Knitty Kitty by David Elliot

Knitty KittyI’m head over heels in love with someone new and my husband is perfectly okay with it. As a matter of fact he approves. It happens every so often and he’s gotten quite used to it. He’s always known that I’m quite fickle and can easily lose my head any time I crack the spine of a new book. This time it’s the sage and soothing Knitty Kitty by Daniel Elliott. I even love her cozy little cottage.

Everything about this wonderful new picture works. The text and illustrations meld together into one seamless piece. It has that wonderful quality of a really good picture book in that although, both text and illustrations could stand alone, in combination, each heightens the other. Elliott’s spare onomatopoetic “clickety-click” and “tickety-tick” set a cheerful, invigorating mood which, along with ”cuddly” words like toasty, cozy and comfy create a warm and wonderful backdrop for Knitty Kitty and her three exuberant kittens. And then there are the illustrations. They’re purr-fect. Even the snowman exudes personality. Illustrator, Christopher Denise uses that particular watery light seen on winter afternoons to construct a likewise cuddly yet active scene of wintry cold outside and glowy warmth indoors. His illustrations are both restful and dynamic at the same time conveying the love and patience of the older cat for her lively charges.

At this point, I’ve used 100 more words to express my delight in this book than there are in the entire text. It’s worth every extra syllable.

Now if only I can get my husband to recreate Knitty Kitty’s front door on my house, my life will be complete…until, at least, I fall in love again.

Posted by: Eileen

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    Nancy McCray said,

    I loved your review and this web page. We might follow your fine example here at EPL. Hope all is well at Park Ridge.

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