A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban

A Crooked Kind of PerfectI loved this book. It had such wonderful characters and such funny little bits in it. Zoe wanted nothing more than to have a piano and to someday play in Carnegie Hall as a renowned classical pianist. But her father is an odd person who does not handle people and situations well. In fact, he stays home and works on mail order degrees from Living Room University and her mom works full time. So on his way to buy her a piano he gets distracted and overwhelmed and buys her a Perfectone D-60 organ instead. She begins taking lessons and her teacher thinks she is good enough to participate in the Perform-O-Rama. Zoe begins practicing in earnest.

Zoe has other problems besides her parents and her thwarted aspirations. She has lost her best friend, and she feels out of step with the girls in her class. On the other hand, when she plays the piano for music class at school and knows a lot of the old tv theme songs, the boys in her class begin to think she’s pretty cool. In fact, one starts coming over to her house and working with her father on his latest degree which is in baking. Zoe is the kind of kid who makes lemonade when life hands her lemons. Her dad, though strange, is also kind and funny and warm and the boy who takes a liking to her turns out to be a very good friend. Her workaholic mother even makes it to the big competition. This book was touching and funny! It is highly recommended to girls in 5th grade and up and even to those few sensitive boys who will read a book about a girl if it’s a good story!

Posted by: Fran W.


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    Linda Urban said,

    Thank you, Fran, for this lovely review.

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