A Cold Winter’s Good Knight by Shelley Moore Thomas

A Cold Winter's Good KnightOn a cold winter’s night, the three little dragons are freezing and shivering in their cave. But never fear, for the Good Knight takes them to the king’s castle where it is warm and toasty. He reminds the dragons that a fancy ball is going on at the castle and that they must mind their manners. Oh they will. But, dragons will be dragons, and while warming themselves by the fire, they can’t help but to cause chaos. The humiliated Good Knight gives the little dragons a second chance to display their good manners. But dragons will be dragons. Finally, the Good Knight discovers that the little dragons don’t understand what it means to have manners. Methinks that the Good Knight will be able to set everything right at last.

This is the latest in the Good Knight series and I must admit that the sweet little dragons have me completely under their spell!

Posted by: Wendy


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