Alice’s Birthday Pig by Tim Kennemore

Alice's Birthday PigAlice is a lovable middle child, teased by her older brother Oliver because she can’t seem to say the word “animal” correctly. No matter how hard she tries, Alice always says “aminal”. Besides being teased by Oliver, Alice must survive her 3-year-old trouble-making, tantrum-throwing little sister, Rosie.

In the course of Alice’s school year, she goes on a farm field trip. There, she falls in love with a little lame pig. Having this pig as a pet becomes her heart’s desire for her 8th birthday. Her parents immediately say “No,” of course, but that’s not end-of-story. Join Alice’s charming family as they prepare for Alice’s birthday, figure out a suitable present that won’t disappoint, subdue wild Rosie, handle pain-in-the-neck Oliver, and laugh at the clever way Alice outwits her siblings.

First, second and third-graders will like the Singer family dynamics, will warm to young Alice and will want to read more of the Oliver, Rosie, and Alice adventures.

Posted by: Fran D.


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