Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell

Ottoline and the Yellow CatLapdogs and precious jewels are missing all over town, and Ottoline and her best friend Mr. Munroe are determined to get to the bottom of it. Ottoline is a little girl who happens to live in a tall apartment building in a big city with a little hairy friend named Mr. Munroe, who by the way is a small creature from the bogs of Norway. Her parents are off travelling the world but send postcards periodically and have hired many, many people to take good care of Ottoline. She and Mr. Munroe feel a need to get involved in solving this mystery when Ottoline sees the stories in the crime section of the newspaper, and the dogs that are being kidnapped look strangely familiar. What also seems worth further investigation is the ad on the same page for “Lonely Pet Lovers – Quality lapdogs supplied for every knee.” Our characters must go undercover to solve this mystery! This is a quirky, offbeat little story, and it is really delightful. It has wonderful, detailed black and white illustrations with just a little bit of red thrown in to make the pictures more intriguing. It would be a really fun story to read aloud with your child, taking plenty of time to catch all of the special details in the pictures.

Posted by: Mary


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