Emmaline and the Bunny by Katherine Hannigan

Emmaline and the BunnyI have a very low tolerance for sweetness, and while I don’t mind whimsy, I can instantly tell if it’s the slightest bit forced. One might think, therefore, that I wouldn’t care for a book featuring a whimsical, fantastical town and a girl who wants nothing more than a bunny to be her friend.

Emmaline lives in the town of Neatasapin, where the horrible mayor has outlawed trees, mud, wild animals, weeds, pudding, and almost babies (they’re very untidy). Emmaline is loud, exuberant and VERY untidy–none of the spick-and-span other children will even play with her. All she wants is a bunny–and she finds one. But how can she keep it safe forever, in the straight-and-narrow Neatasapin? And can she change her town for the better? Highly recommended for 3rd and 4th grade readers.

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    Joanne said,

    I was also concerned before reading this book that it might be a bit too saccharine, but was pleased that it had just the right amount of adorable. Perfect book for a 7 year old girl I think. Just delightful. And the bunny is soooo cute!

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